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Today I have the pleasure to introduce my Amazon Powered shopping site to you, Shop ‘n’ Save. Click here to visit the site. As you may already know, the Internet technology has greatly revolutionized the world and one area where it has contributed immensely is eCommerce (online businesses). Through eCommerce, many businesses have been able to reach out to a wider audience across the world to market and sell their products. Amazon is today regarded as the leading eCommerce site in the world with over 230,000 employees. In 2015 alone, Amazon reported making an annual sales volume of over $100 billion and setting a good record as being the fastest company to ever hit this amount in a single year.

As they continue to expand, I have joined in to help market their products online to serve communities both at home and abroad. You are welcome to Shop ‘n’ Save. I am pleased to let you know that shopping through my site doesn’t cost you any extra as my reward for this job comes directly from Amazon. I however encourage you to share this site with all your friends and family members so that they too can take advantage of Amazon’s great offers.

If you live in Sierra Leone, you may be tired of going to shopping halls and never finding what you really wanted. Sometimes you’re lucky to find the product but the price is much higher than you really know the item is worth all because of dollarization. I therefore present to you an opportunity to buy directly from the world’s greatest shopping site, Amazon. If you’re not sure how to harness this opportunity or conduct online shopping in general, I have some good news for you. You can get a Visa Debit Card from UBA, Eco Bank, or other financial institutions in the country w is all which is all what you need to shop online. If you’re new to shopping online, please refer to the guide below.

Guide to Newbies

Go to Shop ‘n’ Save website here, and follow the steps below. These steps may look elementary for those who already buy online but will hopefully be a good resource for the newbie.

Step 1: Choose a category of items (say Computers)

Step 2:Select a sub-category (say Laptops)

Step 3:Select an item


Step 4:You are directed here on the details page of the item you selected in Step 3. Below each item on the details page, you can see product review which are feedback from people who have bought this item before. A good product will have a minimum of 3 stars out of 5 (which is 60%).

When pleased with the item, you can proceed to buy it by clicking ‘Add to Shopping Cart’.


Optional Steps: Steps 5-7

If you wish to buy more of the same item, then do steps 5 and 6 below:

Step 5: Input the number of quantities you wish to buy in this box.

Step 6:Click ‘Update Subtotal’ to update your cart.

Also, if you wish to add some other items, then do step 7 below:

Step 7: Click ‘Continue Shopping’ to add other items to your cart.

Step 8: If you don’t want to increase the quantity or buy other items, then you can skip steps 5-6 or 7 as the case may be.

Click ‘Proceed to checkout’ to buy the item from Amazon website.


Step 9:When you proceed to cart, you are no longer on my website but on Amazon’s site. Amazon will however be informed that you saw this item on my site and decided to buy it. Thanks a million!

Click ‘Continue’.


More optional steps: Steps 10-11.

You can also increase the quantity of items or purchase more items (such as laptop bag or mouse for this item) on Amazon’s website.

Step 10:Increase the quantity if you wish, or else skip this step.

Step 11: Click ‘Add to cart’ for any additional item you wish to add, otherwise skip this step.

Step 12: Click ‘Proceed to checkout’.


Step 13: If you have an Amazon account, please sign in here otherwise proceed to step 14 to register.

Step 14: Create an account if you don’t have one with Amazon.

Step 15:Once signed in to your Amazon account, you’ll now have to provide a shipping address, a payment method and review your items and shipping as in 1, 2, 3 of the box in step 15 below.

Step 16: When all is set, click ‘Place your order’.



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