GIS & Remote Sensing

Profile (Emmanuel B. A. Lansana)Almost every event happens somewhere, for a reason and with some attributive information. GIS is a technology by which events and their associated information are captured, stored, retrieved at will, displayed and analyzed to enhance informed decision making. It is today regarded as the fastest growing industry because there is no better way of managing spatial information than use of GIS. GIS has a limitless field of applications. Among the numerous fields of application of GIS include but not limited to:

  • Mining;
  • Natural Resources Management;
  • Environmental Management;
  • Mapping;
  • Transportation;
  • Asset Management;
  • Water/Wastewater Management;
  • Hydrology;
  • Tourism;
  • Crowd Sourcing;
  • Disaster Management;
  • Election Monitoring;
  • Education;
  • Health;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Agriculture;
  • Electric and Gas Utilities;
  • Forestry;
  • Land Use Planning;
  • Banking and Finance;
  • Businesses;
  • Risk Management;
  • Urban and Regional Planning;
  • Census/Demography;
  • Military, Police and Security;
  • Local Governments;
  • Surveying and Geodesy;
  • Archeology; etc.

GIS is today regarded as an indispensable decision support tool and there is hardly any informed decision making process these days that does not involve some form of GIS. It’s an application without limitation – as long as you can imagine a problem GIS can solve it better!

So why not incorporate the use of GIS into your business process right now and see it improve your instituti’s performance.

I can help you or your institution with the following GIS related services:

  • Conduct GPS Survey and process the data for your business
  • Set up your GIS system
  • Perform GIS Analyses to help you with a more informed decision making process
  • Conduct GIS Training for staff or students of your institution

and much more.

If you need a help, please feel free to contact me here.

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