Joanna Hanley



Joanna Hanley

  • Let us all join the campaign to raise awareness and help curtail the spread of this disease. May God help our beloved country and protect our families, friends and loved ones. May God bless and protect the all health workers, journalists (like Umaru Fofana), Civil Society activists and all those who are part of, or have contributed to this cause. Let me hear you say a loud AMEN!!!

    • John-Bockarie Kamara

      With the rate at which this virus is spreading in the country, I think the campaign to rise awareness is not sufficient at the moment. They (???) should also consider mapping its route, isolate all infected persons, put them under intensive care n medication, (this must not be in public hospitals!!!), and cordon the area where these people are treated. Health stakeholders must know better how to tackle public health crisis in the event like this. I feel so sad about Ebola patients being brought to public hospitals for treatment. May God lead our decision makers to act fast…

      • I quite agree with you John, a proactive measure is needed – I mean URGENTLY needed to address this case. It should be a concern for everybody and to join the cause in whatever form we can. Care givers (nurses, doctors, etc) are now contracting the virus at an alarming rate. This shows something serious is wrong at the moment. May God help our country and its people.

  • mohamed Gandor bah

    This is a great work bro; i pray that our people have d correct n timely sensitization.

  • Jacklyn Cole

    Good article!! We should continue to educate the people of this nation of such a deadly virus.

  • Jacklyn cole

    Good write up. May the Lord take away this epidemic from our land

  • Abdul malik fofanah

    surely ebola will visit authorities that expend such deadly disease fund at the expense of the masses.

  • Joseph Lebbie

    Great!, You’re putting in your own little resources to help contain this scourge. The need for proper and reliable data collection at this time of need cannot be over emphasized. I only hope you will be heard. Thank you!

  • Sure J Lebs. One can always try his/best back home here but we believe in hailing mediocrity ignoring those things that keep us at par with our colleagues in the sub-region

  • Jacklyn

    Sweet heart I admire your zeal and hardwork. Good job

    The heights by great men reached and kept
    Were not attained by sudden flight,
    But they, while their companions slept,
    Were toiling upward in the night.

    (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

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