Crime & Incident Mapping

Crisis, crime and incident mapping (E.g: MapEbola) has been a long practice especially amongst police officials. In the past, crime investigators would put up a large map and mark events by sticking pins on it – where pins of similar colour mean events of similar nature. But it was impossible to attach any information to such events on the map. Today, it is possible to harness the power of GIS and the internet to achieve exactly that. Ushahidi, for instance is currently a widely used platform for crime mapping, election monitoring and several other events mapping exercises. It allows the wider community to report events either by text messaging, filling a form or sending messages through an email. These reports are then verified and posted on an interactive digital map which can be accessed by the whole world. At a glance, one can easily see the distribution of events and read reports about specific events or even download the complete report.

So if you want to do elections monitoring for instance, conduct a referendum, map out crime/events or conduct crowd sourcing of any type, I can set up your site and customize it for your needs.

If you need a help, please feel free to contact me here.

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