Ebola Conspiracy Theories Galore!!!

Since the outbreak of Ebola in the Sub-region, we have heard several conspiracy theories both locally and internationally. Locally, some people have had doubts about how Ebola, which has never been to this region before, suddenly appeared here considering the fact that the last outbreak was way back in 2007, about seven years ago. Amidst these doubts, some have claimed that it could be some form of biological weapon being tested while others have said some companies/researchers might have discovered a cure for this deadly disease and its family of hemorrhagic fevers and possibly want attention to trade it. But let’s now look at some international stories around the emergence of this disease.

Her video below claims that the best treatment for Ebola has been found since 2009…

In a blog titled “West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?“,  Jon Rappoport, an investigative reporter with over 30 years reporting experience, urges an ‘immediate, thorough, and independent investigation’ of Tulane University in the current spate of Ebola outbreak. In a press release on 23rd July, the Ministry of Health and Sanitation stopped the university researchers from carrying out Ebola testing in the region. See the press release here. With all the facts presented by Jon, one can begin to think a little beyond just an ordinary outbreak!

In another blog  titled “Ebola: Bio-Terrorism for Corporate Economic Control?“, the writer attributes this current epidemic to a battle by the big boys “for control of rich, easily exploitable -and mainly undeveloped- iron ore deposits in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone”. It forms a good piece and can let you further begin to think beyond an ordinary epidemic.

And now, while we hear of ZMapp by Mapp Biopharmaceutical of San Diego and ZMab by LeafBio also of San Diego, someone somewhere is purporting that Nano Silver is a preferable option but tells you why it has not been used in this current outbreak. Dr. Rima E. Laibow of Natural Solutions Foundation puts it that it is because “it is available now, it is available in large quantities and is unlimited in its effectiveness”. Her video below claims that the best treatment for Ebola has been found since 2009.

So while we continue to battle the current epidemic as a natural one, these conspiracy theories may tease you to start thinking that there is a hidden secret somewhere. The one million dollar question in this whole confusion is ‘who do we trust?’ I may not believe all these conspiracy theories but I can’t easily debunk all. I still wonder which bats or bush animals would have kept this virus for over seven (7) f**king years just to show up in West Africa at around where Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone share a common boundary?

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