30-04-2015 Until Forever

Happily TogetherOur love story thus started out in a good friendship and from there we have proved that love never ends. On 30th April 2015, we tied the knots and exchanged vows and rings to start our new journey together and forever. Our wedding was designed to be less flamboyant but with class and in variance with the normal wedding culture around the country. Those who looked for our picture on the wedding invitation didn’t find any. It was deliberate! You always see gorgeously dressed wedding cars but for what? We agreed to use a simple police dispatch to avoid the gorgeous traditional dressing of cars used by the wedding entourage. Coming to food, there were varieties to choose from without queuing – all served at the guest’s table. Silver service. My wife believes in simplicity so she had to drop off her necklace to avoid being gorgeous. But yet, barely two weeks after giving birth to our chubby-chubby baby boy, she still looked quite elegant in her wedding dress. Most ladies will still be puffy-looking.

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